Wax Services


At Essentials we provide the highest quality wax for our clients.

We offer Nu Free strip wax as well as hard wax or even our most sensitive clients.

Waxing Tips:

-Hair must be 1/4"-1/2” in length to be waxed.(no shaving for at least 2 weeks)
-Please inform your Esthetician prior to waxing if your taking any prescription medications such as antibiotics, (Clients using Retin A, Renova, Accutane, etc. Clients taking these prescriptions cannot be waxed due to the extreme sensitivity this medication can cause to your skin.)
-Sun exposure is not recommended 24-48 hours pre and post wax service


  • Brow Shaping…20

  • Brow Tweezing…24

  • Lip Wax…12

  • Chin Wax…12

  • Face Wax…42

  • Face (sides only)…20+

  • Half Arm Wax…30

  • Full Arm Wax…45

  • French Bikini Wax…30+

  • High French Bikini Wax…38+

  • Brazilian Wax…65+ 

  • Brazilian Maintenance Wax  < 4 weeks…60+

  • Upper Leg Wax…40

  • Lower Leg Wax…35

  • Full Leg Wax…68+

  • Back Wax…50+

  • Chest Wax…55+

  • Shoulder Wax…25+

  • Neck Wax…20

  • Stomach Wax…20+

  • Fingers/Toes Wax...12


Brow Tinting...30 A semi-permanent treatment to keep brows looking darker and more defined, Great for individuals with light hair/ graying hair. Or if your just looking to step up your brow game. Lasts 3-4 weeks.

Lash Tinting...35 A semi-permanent treatment to darken and intensify lash color. Great for individuals with light hair/ light lashes. Eyes look more awake and refreshed. Lasts 3-4 weeks.

Lash Lifting...65 A semi-permanent treatment that offers clients luscious, curled lashes that last 6-8 weeks. Eyes look less tired and more awake! Swim and shower with no fuss!

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